Monrovia Mart
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11791 Fingerboard Road

Monrovia, Maryland 21770


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Monrovia Mart

Family Owned and Operated



Monrovia Mart carries national brand-named products and offers on-the-go snacks, a wide range of beverages including soft drinks, beer and wine, coffee, energy drinks, juices and water. We also offer packaged foods for lunches or quick pick-me-ups. Our grocery area stocks basic staples and brand-named products for that item you forgot at the grocery store but need right now. At Monrovia Mart you can fill your tank and quickly stock up on the items you need to get through your busy day! 


We also carry Krispy Kreme® Donuts! Delivered fresh daily. Monrovia Mart makes every effort to make your shopping experience positive by keeping our store clean and organized so you can get on your way fast!


Satisfy your hunger with juicy subs from our Subway sandwich store, fresh sandwiches or something grilled hot. Try our meat filled Taquitos, beefy hot dogs, with chili or cheese or try a fresh, delicious breakfast sandwich from our roller grill. At Monrovia Mart you’ll find all of your favorite toppings and more- all ready for the on the go shopper to Grab-n-go - no fork required!


We also offer a full range of other services, including ATM, Lottery, both Online and Scratchers, and Pre-paid Gift Cards, Pre-paid Phone Cards and re-loads on Phone Cards and Credit Cards.


Monrovia Mart welcomes our customers with spaciousness, cleanliness and shopping ease. In addition, we offer seasonal and special promotional programs throughout the year.